Everyone Needs to Be Heard


need2Bheard gives you a private, confidential,
and emotionally supportive listening environment. Sometimes you just need to talk to someone who is really interested in what you want to say.
Everyone deserves to have an outlet for self-expression with no judgment.
It’s a basic human need.

Emotional Support Listening

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A Care


need2Bheard is your personal place for empathy and caring. This is a revolution in care that provides you with a forum to express yourself in privacy – without judgment – to someone who is open to everything you need to say. 

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No Judgment 
No Discrimination

Sometimes a psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker, clergyman, or life coach is not what you need, and speaking with friends or family members is not a comfortable option. 


Comfort &


need2Bheard offers confidential and empathetic listening sessions by video or phone for anyone who feels lonely, needs to have an impartial ear, or just needs someone to talk to… about anything.

Your Professional Listeners

Experienced, friendly and open-minded



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Happy Childhood

"Marc is a skilled and careful listener. I've found him to be attentive, curious, sympathetic, empathetic and he imparts excellent support and understanding. He is sincere and is always in the "no judgement zone" so I always feel comfortable sharing personal details with him. I found Marc through close friends and feel fortunate to have found him!"

"My work and relationship with you has certainly had a deep emotional impact. You have seemingly infinite patience and are always very positive - and that is infectious! Our time together has helped to make me feel proud of myself. Your responsiveness and attention have made me feel very comfortable with you and I would recommend you to anyone, especially to someone who is feeling bad about themselves and ashamed."

Heidi K.

Listener: Marc S.

Amie C.

Listener: Tara G.

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