need2Bheard is an affordable emotional support environment featuring friendly guidance and light life-coaching.

We believe everyone deserves to have an outlet for self-expression with no judgment. It’s a basic human need. 

Our goal is to give you a private, confidential, and safe place to express whatever is on your mind to a caring, non-judgmental listener. 


How it Works

  • Go to the Booking Page.

  • Choose your Listener.

  • Click on “Book My Time” and select a date and time. 

  • Supply the required information.

  • Click “Schedule Event”.

  • Look forward to your confidential session. 

Meet Your Listeners


Marc S.


Marc has many satisfied listening clients and lifelong relationships as a trusted friend. His ability to be an empathic listener transcends time or distance. He is an open-minded, compassionate, and intelligent person who has a deep respect for ALL people, regardless of gender, politics, or religion. Marc specializes in creative personalities, understands life challenges, works across age groups, and loves being an empathetic and kind presence for those in need. You will find your discussions with Marc to be private, easy, fulfilling, fun, and insightful. 



Tara G.


Tara learned through her numerous years working closely with people in their homes as a private tutor that many clients were just overjoyed to have someone to talk to. A friendly, patient, "ear" who'd sit with them and listen to their stories was the greatest benefit to that hour. So, she decided this was a very real service that needed to be offered. Tara works with all age groups and has become like an adopted daughter to many. Her understanding, non-judgmental nature offers a calming environment for those dealing with challenges, disabilities, illnesses and more. Clients describe Tara as just having a knack for listening compassionately because she really does care. Tara is also certified in mental health first aid for older adults and can make referrals if necessary.