30 Minutes | $50

Book Listener Marc S.

30 Minute Session with Professional Listener

Marc has many satisfied listening clients and lifelong relationships as a trusted friend. His ability to be an empathic listener transcends time or distance. He is an open-minded, compassionate and intelligent person who has a deep respect for ALL people, regardless of gender, politics, or religion. Marc specializes in creative personalities, understands life challenges, works across age groups and loves being an empathetic and kind presence for those in need. You will find your discussions with Marc to be private, easy, fulfilling, fun, and insightful.


One of Marc's assets is non-judgmental patience. He has an innate understanding that people all need to feel connected and heard, especially during this time of social distancing and isolation. 


Clients usually feel more confident about themselves and their circumstances after speaking with Marc. Sometimes you just need someone to talk to privately to help you feel at ease or just to hear yourself discuss something from an outsider's perspective.

Free your mind and the rest will follow!

If you, your mother, father, grandparent, and/or friend needs to be heard, Marc offers a confidential and caring ear, and an enlightening conversation with friendly guidance.